What turns me on

We get asked all sorts of questions here at http://cityofeve.com/ilford-escorts Ilford escorts. The other day I was on agent with a really nice gent, and he asked me what turns me on over dinner. I suppose it is not normally the sort of thing you ask a girl over dinner in a restaurant, but it seems that some diners are more open minded than others. To be honest, there are lots of different things that turn me on, and nice meal is one of them. I don’t like food which is over the top but I do like food which is well presented and tastes good.

a fun date with pretty ilford escorts
a fun date with pretty ilford escorts

Another thing that really turns me on is scent. If I really like the way somebody smells, I an get seriously turned on. At first I thought it was just me but then I found that several of the other girls here at Ilford escorts, are turned on by scents as well. It does not have to be after shaves or strong perfumes, it can just be a nice clean fresh smell that turns me on. In fact, there are certain face washes that really turns me on, and it is nice to be able to explore a person and see of you can find a scent that turns you on. Different parts of the body have their own smell.

I also like silly romantic stuff like candles. Most of the girls at Ilford escorts like to have candles and soft lights. Both candles and soft light can really seriously turn you on, and at the same time, they can help you to relax as well. I love scented candles and I keep on buying them. There are now some individual manufacturers on line which supply really good quality candles, and I often buy those. They are sort of more unique and I love fact that I have something different in my boudoir.

Nice clothes can turn me on as well. Not all of the gents who visit us on regular basis here at Ilford escorts are nicely dressed but the vast majority of them are. For us girls it is a pleasure when gents are nicely dress. I always think that we make an effort for them, so it is nice of them to make an effort for us. After all, it is something special about a man in a shirt and a tie.

I can’t say that men who are too fit turn me on. Some of my colleagues at Ilford escorts are really into dating body builders and guys like that, but I have to be honest and say that they don’t do a lot for me. I am sure some girls are really turned on by them, but I think that they are more in love with themselves than anything else. I used to date these kind of guys a lot but now I prefer normal guys. Most of the time they have nicer personalities and are not so full of themselves.

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