The charity shops in Romford

Lots of my girlfriends at Soho escorts spend a fortune on their apartments, and buy really expensive furniture. That is great, but I would never dream of doing that. Ever since I was rather young, I have always had a passion for doing things on a budget. back in the little Hampshire town that I lived in, they had a couple of great charity shops and I used to get tons of stuff from them. Here in central London, there are fewer charity shops, but if you go out to places like Romford, you will find a whole plethora of charity shops.
Whenever I have a day off from Soho escorts, I like to go out to places like Romford and Ilford to check out the charity shops. The girls that I work with always remark how nice my flat looks so I know that I am on to a good thing here. I have told them about shopping in charity shops, and sometimes they come with me. A couple of them are seriously getting into shopping in charity shops, and I have this funny feeling that they are getting a kick out of saving money.
To be honest, I think that I would rather spend my money in charity shops than in big stores. Like I keep telling the girls at Soho escorts from, I know that big stores have all of the latest stuff, but where does the money go? Most of the time, it just adds to the profit of some rich guy like Lord Sugar. I think it is far nicer to spend your money in charity shops, and make sure that your money goes to a good cause. I cannot say that I have a favorite charity shop, but I do like animal charities as I share my life with a bunny called Socks.
Shopping in charity shops has also saved me money on my clothes bill. Not all of the clothes that you find are good, but many of them are. There are couple of charity shops in Romford that has designer gear, and I know that a few of my friends from Soho escorts have started to shop there as well. They have been able to save a lot of money on things like nice jackets and sweaters. Some people really do donate more or less new stuff to charity shops, and never seizes to surprise me what you can find in charity shops.
But, I think the biggest savings that I have managed to make has been at my Soho escorts boudoir. Tons of stuff in my boudoir has come from charity shops and it looks amazing. All of the curtain came from a charity shop in Romford, and the rugs came from another charity shop in Ilford. It is all really good stuff and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I remember that I only paid a few quid for everything. If you are serious about saving money, you should certainly check out charity shops.