The best-paid jobs in London

One of my friends knew my work for London escorts of; she is asking if I have ever been in love with my dates out of the blue. She has just come out of a relationship, and I think that she is looking for a bit of company. I am sure that she would do great for our escort agency, but not all girls like the idea. However, the truth is that escorting is one of the best-paid jobs in London.


Have I ever fallen in love? I cannot say that I have fallen in love with any of my guys at London escorts, but they’re a couple of guys that I like. They come around more often than others, and I think that I know them well on a personal basis. All of them are single, so there is nothing there to stop me from falling in love with them if you like. After all, they are all some of the most handsome guys that use the agency.


Do I stop myself from falling in love with my guys? I must admit that I do put the brakes on at times. Having worked for other escorts agencies around London, I know that this can be a tough business. Sometimes a guy is on the radar for ages, and then he disappears. They do not mean it personally, and you should never take it that way. It is hard, though, at times not to become attached to your frequent visitors, and I do think about some of them when I am away from the escort agency.


Some of the girls at London escorts don’t mind taking a guy’s telephone number, but I never do that. I think that we should not be contacting them and they should not be contacting us outside of London escorts. One of the guys that I see a lot of is going through a tough time and wanted to go out for a personal drink. That would be fine, but I do like to make a distinction between my own life and dating at the escort agency. You can take on too much.


It is one of London’s best parts to date in, and we do get to meet a lot of very sophisticated guys in this part of the world. The guys that I date have more than others and do like to spoil me. I am sure that many of them want to meet me on a more personal basis outside of London escorts, and I may consider doing so when I come towards the end of my reign at the agency. Would I marry a guy that I date? There are a couple of guys here that I would consider having a personal relationship with, but now I am focusing on making money for myself and having some fun at the same time.