My Sex Addiction Almost Cost Me My Life

Can you have too much of a good thing? My crazy sex addiction started before I joined London escorts. I have never really made a big deal of it, and some of the girls at charlotte London escorts don’t even know that I have got this sex addiction. The thing is that I love to meet up with men for the first time and have kinky sex with them. It is a big scene in London, and Having Sex with Strangers seem to be a growing trend all over the world. How do we arrange hook-ups? Well, you simply register with your user name, and join this crazy forum.

Some of the people on the forum are very active, but as I work for the agency, I am a little bit less active. I am sure that if the girls at work knew that I was into this sort of thing they would advise against it, but I simply can’t help it. I really do get a kick out of it, or rather should I say, I used to get a kick out of it. Last autumn, I got a message via the forum that this guy wanted to meet up with me. He told me what he was into and it seemed very much like we would be good together. In his message he said that he had this thing about hooking up after midnight in a particular place in London. I did not pay attention to the address, but had I done so, I think that I may have thought twice about meeting up with him. Anyway, we arranged to meet up one night after I had finished my London escorts shift.

Before I left London escorts I took a shower, and dressed up in a special outfit for the occasion. It had been a long day at charlotte London escorts and you could say that I was really looking forward to my night out. As I drove towards Whitechapel in my little car, I felt the stress fade away and I was by now getting really excited about meeting up with this man. The streets were rather quiet so it did not take me very long to get to Whitechapel. I parked my car where my hook up had advised me to park my car. It was very dark, and it felt like I had been transported back in time. I loved the feel, and even though I was a bit tired from having worked hard at London escorts, I was looking forward to my experience.

Within minutes I felt a little tap on my shoulder and soon stood face to face with him. He was dressed in very old fashioned clothes, and it did put me on hedge a little bit. Also. he kept calling me Mary Jane all of the time. We had walked a little way when I noticed he was carrying an object in his closed hand. If I was not mistaken that object was a small knife. I asked him to show me, and as he did so, he raised he placed tried to place the knife close to my throat. I reacted instantly, and took off back to my car. Fortunately he did not follow me. It was not until the next day I realised that I had met a man who had a fetish about Jack the Ripper.