My friend is Addicted to Sex

At London escorts I have met a lot of people who are addicted to sex and porn. My friend Amy took her addiction to a complete different level. She did not work for Charlotte escorts in London at all. Instead she worked in an ordinary office and seemed to really enjoy it. What I did not know was that she was really addicted to sex, and really needed some help. I suppose we had been friends for such a long time that I did not notice any of her quirky habits at all. But, my friends at Charlotte escorts in London certainly did.

Amy had arranged for us girls from London escorts to come around to her place for a few drinks one evening. She had just bought this new flat and wanted to show it to us. Amy is a really nice girl and you don’t want to let her down so we all went. To be fair, I think that I was more shocked when my friends at Charlotte escorts in London when I walked into Amy’s new place. The hall was just covered in erotic art, and the bed had two huge mirrors. One was above the bed and the other was behind the bed. I have to admit I was a bit shocked.

Amy had also bought this huge big screen TV. Next to the TV was Amy’s personal collection of porn movies. I knew that she liked porn movies but this was a huge collection. One of my friends from London escorts noticed that a porn movie was running on the TV, and a couple of other guests were getting cosy on the sofa. It was a real shock to me, and I realized that Amy was planning a Swinger’s party that evening. Some of my friends at Charlotte escorts in London do go swinging, but I am not sure that they were prepared for this evening.

We had been at the party for about an hour when a few friends from Amy’s company arrived.

They only knew Amy from work, and it was clear they were a bit shocked. Two of the girls from Charlotte escorts in London started to talk to them and explain that they worked for London escorts. As they were talking to them, it became apparent that they were not too comfortable at the party at all. I quickly explained that it was a bit of Swinger’s party but that they did not have to join in. As a matter of fact, they left after a little while.

A couple of days later, Amy phoned me up in floods of tears. Her boss had found out about her party and her habits. The worst of it was that she had to tried to chat up a girl at work. Amy had never cared who she had sex with at all. It could be a man or woman. On this occasion, Amy had clearly gone a bit too far and the girl was offended. She reported to human resources and they took it to the boss. The next day Amy was sacked. It really blighted her record and she has only been able to get menial jobs. That flat has been sold and she knows share an apartment with another three girls. It was an eye opener for her and did change her life forever.