London escorts: what I don’t like about escorting

I have been an escort for almost two years now, says Lisa. It has to be said that overall I enjoy working for London escorts, but there are always problems. There are some thing that really annoy me, but I don’t that they are every going to go away. Most of the other escorts that I work with feel exactly the same way about these things, giggles Lisa. We do talk about them, but not to be nasty to our gents. It is nice just to be able to blow off steam with your friends, and I think that people in all professions do just that.

One of thing that I really like is smelly feet and socks. Being Polish, I have a thing about gents taking off their shoes. Some gents find it surprising, but walking around with your shoes on in Poland is really rude. You can, but you need to change to indoor shoes. Imagine, if everybody walked around with their shoes when it snows. It would make the house very dirty. Some of my gents, despite all of their money, really do seem to be unable to buy new socks and shoes. There are times I wish I owned a shoe shop instead of working for London escorts.

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Time is important as well, says Lisa. We all have busy lives, and I do appreciate when my gents turn up on time. All of the gents who I date on regular basis at London escorts, do know that I appreciate them being on time. If a gents comes late on a second date, I always ask him to be on time for the next one. I have to say that most gents do listen and always make an effort on the third date. Yes, London is busy but so are we.

Another thing that I really dislike is when gents turn up drunk. It is strictly against London escorts policy to accept drunk gents. Some gents get really stroppy when you have to turn them away, but it isn’t acceptable behavior. I don’t mind a gent who has had the odd glass of wine, says Lisa, but when they turn up smelling of the entire brewery, I have to say know. My colleagues at the agency do exactly the same thing, and turn away gents who have been drinking too much. They are wasting our time and their own.

It is not always that easy to work for London escorts. You sort of have to walk a bit of a tight rope at times. Yes, of course we are nice to our gents, but it is really important for them to appreciate that there are limits as well. I sometimes describe some of my gents to naughty boys, you sort of have to tell them off from time to time, laughs Lisa. I really enjoy my job like I said, but at the same time there are problems just like any other job. But, you just have to get on with it.