London Escorts Say No to Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a big problem not only in London but all around the world. Over recent years it seems to have been made worse by the change in immigration laws, and more relaxed borders controls around Europe.

London escorts know that there are many young women in London who are forced to work as prostitutes due to the activities of human sex traffickers. Young women from all over the world arrive in London and are forced into prostitution under some of the most appalling conditions. Escorts in london recognised how difficult it is to stop the chain of events which lead up to many of these young women ending up in prostitution, but sometimes you might be able to do something about it,

What to do about human sex trafficking?

There are a few options available to escorts in London if they would like to help the victims of human sex trafficking. It is a very difficult situation to deal with but sometimes you need to become a whistle blower.


Some adverts in magazine may not read very professionally, and this can be an indication of human sex trafficking. For instance adverts promoting very cheap sex may be an indication of someone in trouble.

London Escorts often flag this adverts, and take the time out of their busy day to report them to the paper or the police. Many of these adverts have the same mobile number which means that you are not calling the girl directly. You are in fact calling her “John” or “booker” as they are sometimes called.

They will never put your through to the girl as she may be in the country illegally and is often from outside the EU. If you are outside the EU, it means that you have no legal rights in the UK at all and can be subject to deportation.

Meeting Girls

Sometimes London escorts even meet girls who they think behave a bit odd. In those instances, London escorts try to find out a little bit more about the girl, or girls. If they are lucky, they might even be able to find out where the girls work and they will give the address to the social services or the police.

Escorts in London will never offer these girls money as they appreciate that most of the time any money will be taken away from the girls, and they may even be harmed.

Unlawful sex

Unlawful sex is also very often unprotected sex. Many of the people who control these young human sex slaves, do not care about sexual safety at all. The men who pay to have sex with these girls are not required to wear condoms, and should a girl become ill or fall pregnant, they are often subjected to horrible beatings.

London Escorts know that this goes on in London every day and night, and they also know how difficult it is to put a stop to this practice. That doesn’t mean that escorts are happy to put up and shut up as they say.

They appreciate how vulnerable many of these girls and how dangerous it would be to be in their shoes. You will often find that most london escorts only feel sorry for the victims of human sex trafficking.

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