Life is beautiful – London escorts

I have not thought about my life could change after I met the woman of my dream. Life is tough, and having someone helps us go through it. The hardship we have is the outcome of our life decisions. To have someone in our life, make us feel alive and better. Love to make our life beautiful; it gives us the strength to carry on and hold on life. Love is a source of happiness, because of it, we feel extra joy in our life, and we are motivated to move forward. We are inspired to the right our life and mistakes. We dare to reach our dreams and goals in life. Love helps us to become strong, to face all the difficulties and challenges in life.


Challenges are part of us, and it could not disappear. We should face problems to avoid mounds of it and cause of your explosion. When we feel that one like us, it gets harder every day. It feels like you have no purpose in this world and just a burden to anyone. Life is beautiful as they say, but I don’t think it was. I have to undergo lots of troubles in my life, and no matter how much I tried, I can’t see where the beauty comes from. I feel like anything that happened to me because of a course, and I had to deal with it. I keep blaming God for such experience I have and feel. I am so disappointed in my life, seeing everyone life is happy and comfortable.


Looking at those families who are happily together, and compare it to mine is devastating. It’s hard that I have this kind of life, unhappy and unwanted. I have a broken family, my parents got divorced, and both of them marry again. I stay at my mom, and my stepdad doesn’t treat me right, I have to stay with them as I can, but when he becomes abusive, and my mother can’t defend me, I have to go away. I castaway at London, and began a new life there. I am adopted my old couples and raised me well.


I find love with them, they have sent me to school and gave me a good life. After college, I handle our business, and fun to book a cheap London escort, affordable and quality woman. I have booked one lady from them that make me fall in love, she is different, and I love her. Eventually, we have a relationship, she is very caring and helps me with everything. She inspires and motivates me, and propose to her for my third time of booking.