Jobs For The Adult Industry

Sue, who used to work as a stripper in London before she joined London escorts on a full-time basis, says that many girls wonder what it is like to work as a stripper in London. She used to work as a stripper for two years before she got involved with London escorts. How did she get involved with escorting? Well, many of the girls who for London escorts agencies right across London often take their clients to strip joints in London. Sue got friendly with a couple of escorts who used to come into the place she worked in and eventually became curious about what it would be like to work as an escort. She started on a part-time basis, but once she realised she was onto a good thing, she ditched her strip job and became a full-time London escort.

So, what do London strippers do which is so different from working for London escorts? Sue says that as soon as the lights when done, she used to get off stay and put her feet in a bucket of water. Wearing high heels all of the time can play havoc with your feet. The only way you can stop them from hurting is by putting them in cold water. As a stripper in London, you do spend a lot of time on your feet. Working for London escorts, I don’t have to worry about aching feet too much says Sue.

I never used to have anything to eat before I started my shift at the strip club, says Sue. I was far too worried about becoming bloated and looking fat. Instead I used to have something light after my shift. That part of my life has not changed so much, smiles Sue. The only difference is that I often go out on London escorts dinner dates, and I eat dinner then. That is great because I don’t have to worry about eating after my London escorts. But, if I don’t go out on dinner dates, I will eat after I have finished my shift.

I still look after myself says Sue. When I was into stripping I used to go to the gym a lot. I still do that but I exercise a little bit differently since I joined London escorts. Before I got into escorting, going to the gym meant pilates and yoga. Now i put a lot of hard work into doing aerobic exercises. After all, I don’t dance that much anymore and I have to make sure that I keep myself fit for the job that I am doing. The change has been easy and I like the fact that I often meet the other London escorts who work for the same service I do at the gym.

Do I prefer working for London escorts? I have to admit that I really love working for London escorts. The job is a lot less demanding. When I worked for the strip club, I felt like I had to rush around all of the time. Now I don’t feel that I need to do so. Instead I can chill out a bit more. I think that many former London strippers should consider a career on escorting. It is fun and you get a chance to get to know your clients. That is something that never happens when you work as a stripper in London and I do enjoy getting to know my regulars.