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I have not been adequately introduced to my girlfriend’s parents yet, and I am terrified. I do not know if it is going to end well. All I can do is be calm and hope for the best. I am afraid of my girlfriend’s parents because they are both lawyers. I am sure that at some point in our meeting they are going to look down on me because I do not have a high educational background as their daughter. My girlfriend is still going to law school, and her parents have a lot of expectation from her. As for me, I know that they are very skeptical of me because I came from an impoverished family. I only finished my education because I am a scholar. Given that I did right in my school. I still do not believe that it is enough to please my girlfriend’s parents. During our meeting, her father confronted me about my financial status which was very offensive to me and a very aggressive move in my opinion. Both of her parents made me feel bad about myself. They made me feel like I am not good enough for their daughter and my girlfriend did not defend me at all. They were relentless in their questions about my intentions and my capabilities as a man in the future. I tried my best to answer them always with the utmost respect, but it was hard for me. At the end of the day of our meeting. Her parents still did not approve of me for their daughter. All that I can do is to be silent and take it like a man. While I do disagree with their opinion of me. I don’t want to defend myself anymore from them. I was incredibly humiliated in front of my girlfriend that I was ready to give up on her. I believe that my girlfriend still makes her parents his number one priority which is not wrong in any way. It is very respectable and admirable, but it is not okay with me. I told my girlfriend that I think she is not ready yet to commit to a serious relationship with me because she still has a lot to prove to her parents and I do not want to get in the middle of that. She got distraught of me after I said all those things but I knew it was the truth and my girlfriend also knew that what I said I saying is not wrong. I told myself that maybe

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