I am not sure how you can tell if you are addicted to escorts

I just can’t stop dating the sexy escorts. This is perhaps not seriously physically, but it is costing me a fortune. Yes, the girls are very sexy but there is nothing sexy about my bank balance any more, says Andrew and looks worried. In the last couple of months, I have spent at least £1000 per month on escort’s services. I don’t think this is normal behavior and I personally believe that I need help, says Andrew.

Unfortunately, this is something that can easily happen. A lot of young lads in their prime seem to get easily addicted to dating escorts. It does not only affect young chaps who date petite escorts, it affects other gents in other areas as well. A lot of the lads have really good salaries, and start off spending what they call a reasonable amount on escorts. This slowly goes up and up until their spending is out of control. Many of them end up in debt and in the end they have serious financial problems.

Some sex therapists and counselors say that it is an addiction just like anything else. There are many different kinds of addiction according to sex therapist and expert Tina, and this is only one of them. These young lads get hooked on certain girls and feel that they must see them. In the end, they are spending more money than they earn. Once their saving are depleted, they move on to their credit cards. It is a bit like a gambling addiction, says Tina. Agencies such as Petite escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/petite-escorts should really try to be a bit more responsible, but for them it is all about making money.

It is not cheap to date petite escorts. During the peak season in London, you may be looking at costs of £300 per hour. That is a lot of money, and you really need to think what else you can do with that money. The problem is also that some of these guys have really well off friends, and it is almost like they are being challenged to spend this money, says Tina. It has become a game of dare, and many young men do not want to be left out. They want to date the hottest and sexiest girls, says Tina.

Tina also says that they need help. Maybe there should be some sort of counseling service she says. There are addiction clinics across London, and maybe they can help. However, I would imagine that many of these lads are embarrassed to say that they date petite escorts, and are addicted to their habit. Quite often this is the way with addictions, people don’t want to talk about them until it all comes to a crisis point. Learning to recognize an addiction is important as well, says Tina, but how do you that? It is not the easiest thing in the world to do.