How I became a prostitute

I never really wanted to be a prostitute but I was sort of forced into the profession. My mom a prostitute but I wanted to be a dancer. One of my aunties who works as part of London escorts services, suggested that I become a pole or lap dancer as I have really long legs. But my mom wanted to have none of it and wouldn’t listen to my auntie who worked for a very successful London escorts agency. She kept telling my mom that she knew that lap and pole dancers did very well in London, and that it was a good job.

Many of my London escorts friends come across tragic stories every day about prostitution and hear about girls being forced into the business. Some of these try to apply to become London escorts but this is not what escorting is all about. They seem to think that London girls are prostitutes but in fact they are just sexy companions. It can be difficult to make a distinction for girls who are very young and naive, and have been exposed to hard care prostitution which is very common these days in places such as central London and other metro areas.

Most London escorts know that a lot of naive foreign girls end up as working as part of prostitution rings in London just because they don;t think they have any where else to go. A couple of my London escorts friends even told me that they had met girls who had been removed from their home countries by gangs and sold on to human traffickers in London. It is now clear that many of these human traffickers have prostitution as a sideline, and many young girls are abused in this way. They are made to have unprotected sex with total strangers sometimes.

Many of my London escorts friends have tried to help victims of prostitution and tried to encourage them to turn away from the pimps. However, most London escorts know it is a thankless task and many of these girls cannot change as they are scared of their controllers. Their controllers might beat them and even rape them on many occasions. It is upsetting but sometimes it is only so much you can do and I think it is important to appreciate that. You can help some people but you can help others.

If the government were to deal with immigration and try to stop some of the illegal immigrants entering the country, it would cut down on human trafficking an illegal prostitution a lot. It would not be so difficult to do but border controls would have to be a lot stricter, and people would need to be refused entry to the country. Often it seems that the government is frighten to deal with this types of problems and that it shirks away from its responsibility. Many London escorts know that human traffickers smuggle thousands of girls into the UK illegally, and they would like to know what is being done about it.