Get Healthier in London – Grow Your own Food

Once neglected, allotments all over London are coming back into fashion again. Londoners have always been keen on growing their own vegetables and during the Second World War in London, it was common for people to dig up their back gardens to grow vegetables. Some, like my grandma, even used to keep rabbits and chickens in their back gardens. It was another way of getting something to eat during the war, and also after the war.

Just like me, my nana worked for Chingford escorts. With my mom, it skipped a generation, and I am not sure why she did not end up working for Chingford escorts. Instead she became a market trader and stall holder in London, and today, she can still be found selling flowers in London out of her little VW camper van. Many of the flowers are grown on our family’s allotments and so are the vegetables that we eat in our family.

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When I think about our family, we are rather a healthy lot. My grandma is still alive and she helps out with many of things on the allotments. I try to take time off from Chingford escorts and help out as much as I can. It is a little bit like we are running a rural business in the middle of London. It makes me laugh at times, and I do know that some of the girls at Chingford escorts think I am a bit strange.

The other day, one of the girls at Chingford escorts had asked me to bring in vegetables and eggs from our allotments. She loves our stuff and says that it tastes a lot better than anything else that you can buy in the shops. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up with so much that she did not want it all. One of my gents that evening, so the vegetable and egg box in my kitchen and asked me what it was all about. I told him that my family had grown it, and he bought right away.

That just goes to prove the point. People know that locally grown food is a lot better for you. Now if more Londoners grew their own food, I am sure that we would all be a lot healthier. We would eat fresher food, and spend more time outside. I keep telling the girls at Chingford escorts that they should come down. We have so much fun and there is nothing like eating what you have produced afterwards. That being said, you don’t need an allotment to grow some stuff. You can grow tomatoes and many other things such as winter greens even when you just have access to a balcony. I have cherry tomatoes on my balcony, cucumber and peppers during the summer. For everything else, I pop down to the allotments and let me tell you know, our eggs, thanks to my mom, are famous allover London. There is nothing like a “ double yoker” first thing in the morning. Our chickens must truly be happy.