Do looks really matter when it comes to attracting men


well I believe that improving your looks is just like adding fertilizer to growing your flowers says Guildford Escorts.

I am not a flower guy, and I personally never will be, I like mud, I like manly things, and I don’t spend my time messing around with girly flower stuff okay. but my roof deck in my building had a flowerpot open and I thought what the heck I’ll grow me some flowers, I got this. so what do I do I go to my mom and I ask her how can I win at this game of growing the best flowers, and have the most glorious flowers on this roof deck. I thought to myself my neighbor’s my flowers would be the best ones out there. and she said to me Adam you definitely want to start by getting some good fertilizer, I thought okay good advice so I went to local store and bought the most expensive fertilizer in the store and added to my plants. and what happened my flowers were looking about the same as the other flowers my building.

so I decided to be a guy, as my girlfriend would say and over do it. I went back and spent more and more money buying more fertilizer thinking that this would actually produce more results right. but after a while I realized my flowers started to wither and then finally my flowers started to die. and they all died and I basically turned out i suffocated them with fertilizer. now not only did I spend more money than anyone else on my flowers but they ended up worse than everyone else’s anyway. so what did I do wrong?

what I didn’t realize is a very important life principle and that is the law of diminishing returns. which is a fancy schmancy economics term that basically states that adding more of one factor while holding all other factors constant will at some point yield lower returns. with my flowers I didn’t realize that fertilizer is the only one is it’s only one critical factor of many. but because I focus so much of my energy on that one factor I was forgetting about watering it properly, or the Sun like news getting to grow so all this stuff. physical looks when attracting men well it’s very simple there are diminishing returns when it comes to your physical appearance in attracting men.

unfortunately most women think that is the only one actor and they put so much emphasis on the looks that it’s just like with the fertilizer example, they ignore all other factors while suffocating themselves with makeup unhealthy diets and overly aggressive outfits. thinking that that is what really only matters when it comes to attracting men. and quite frankly it’s not what only matters its you’re beyond just looks. it’s also your personality and your overall vibe. so the answer to the original question is yes, looks do definitely matter, I’d be lying to you if I said they didn’t but eventually they’ll provide a very very small diminishing return. getting new clothes losing some little bit of weight they will provide returns they’re gonna get more guys attracted to you but ultimately it will be very small diminishing returns.