Do I make personal sacrifices to work for Victoria escorts?

A lot of girls who do not work in the escorts service often wonder if we make personal sacrifices to stay involved in the service. It would be right to say that we probably do. A lot of escorts find it hard to stay involved in personal relationships, and I must admit that I am one of those. Many of the guys that I have dated in the last couples of years have sort of come and gone, and after work I have ended up on my own.

Escorting is a rather specialized job, and to be honest, I don’t think it is for everybody. A lot of girls join Victoria escorts from thinking it is going to be easy but it is not. I would love to say that this is an easy job to do but it is not. Most of the girls are finding the same things as I do, and I doubt there is an escort in London who thinks her job is easy. We do get paid well, and after we have hung up our high heeled shoes, many of us have our own homes and perhaps start our own businesses.

Yes, there is certainly life after escorting, but like many escorts know, when you are escorting you need to be prepared to make personal sacrifices. Some of the girls at Victoria escorts have found escorting too demanding and left the job. They have moved on to other jobs within the adult entertainment business in London. I can understand but I am not sure that many of them are finding it easy to have boyfriends and stable relationships even after having left the escorts service.

I am not sure what I am going to do after having left Victoria escorts. A lot of my friends who have left have gone onto to work in the beauty business and I love to do that as well. I actually feel rather passionate about beauty and would like to work as a beautician. Many of the girls have their own business but I am not sure that I would like to go down that route. I would actually prefer to work for one of the better beauty houses in London, I think that you can earn a lot more money that way.

Of course, there are many jobs that you can do within the beauty industry. I love the fact that you can move on to training and stuff like that as well. A lot of the girls here at Victoria escorts never went to college and I think that I am a bit better educated than the rest of them. That sounds like a naughty thing to say but it has paid off. I have dated some really nice gents and been well looked after. In a way, that is why I have not minded making some of the personal sacrifices that I have made. My escorting experience has probably been a lot more positive than other girls experiences.