Black escorts – I just love them!

All my entire dating career, so to speak, I have always dated white girls. Recently though I have got into dating black escorts. One of the girls I was going to date had to cancel. The agency phoned me up and asked me if I minded a black escort. It was new to me, but I have to say that I am hooked. There was something really special about this black escort and we had a great time together. She was not as skinny as some of the girls that I normally date, and I think that helped a lot. It felt like being with a real woman.

It surprised me how few black escorts there are in London . Most of the agencies in central London do not offer black ladies. The girl that I met is the only black girl who works for the agency, and it is a bit shocking really. There are a lot of black gents who live and work in central London, and I don’t understand why we don’t have more black girls. If you really want to do date black girls, you need to go tom Kingston in South London, but it is a bit of a distance for me.

I raised the issue about black escorts with the agency owner of the agency I use. He says that he seldom get asked for black beauties, and this is why he does not have a lot of black ladies on his books. The thing is though, Lucy the black girl that I dated, is busy a lot of the time, so he should really reconsider his operating strategy. I have said to them that gents will not date black escorts unless they know that they are there. Personally, I think there is a requirement for black girls.

When you go to places like the United States, you will find that more black escorts date there. I am not so sure why that is but New York is just as multi cultural as London. We have all of the same neighborhoods as they do, so we should really have the same ethnic mix available throughout our escorts agencies here in London. There also seems to be a lot of Indian escorts, so I really do wonder what has gone wrong. Maybe owners of agencies don’t think white guys like me will enjoy dating black girls.

Yes, dating black escorts in London has sort of been awake up call for me. I now often look at people in the street and appreciate how diverse that we are. Our society is made up out of so many different cultures and I know it is important. All of these people who have come to the United Kingdom have helped to make our society what it is today. We need to recognize it more, and perhaps take a different look at race. We must learn to appreciate that at the end of the day, we are only one man kind.