Asian Girls Are Beautiful!

Asian escorts are the new blondes as for as West Kensington escorts are concerned. The popularity of Asian escorts as West Kensington escorts are increasing day by day, and many of the girls are always booked up. Some of the top West Kensington escorts agencies are now on major recruitment drives for Asian escorts and advertising as far as field as Japan. But, how do you attract Japanese geishas to come and work for West Kensington escorts agencies? This is the problem that many West Kensington escorts agencies of have to deal with and they are always trying to find more Asian escorts.

How to recruit Asian escorts to West Kensington escorts agencies

Could it be that many West Kensington escorts London agencies are going about their recruitment campaigns the wrong way. Instead of talking about the task in hand, why don’t they talk about London. Many girls would probably like to come and work in London if they knew a little bit more about the town.


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One of the many benefits of living in London is the shopping. Many girls, including Asian ones, like to shop. We travel to London or Birmingham a lot just to do shopping. The shopping in London is better than anywhere else than I know, and I do love working around the shops in London.

The major Asian cities do have shops as well, and having lived in Tokyo, I know that many of the shops are of a high standard but I also know that the atmosphere is not the same. Walking around London you also get the sense of the history behind the place, and it has a certain touch of class.

In Tokyo you will also find a lot of bars and places you can pop into far a break, but the problem is that they are very expensive and a day out can cost you a small fortune. I have shopped in many cities around the world, and I find that London is one of the most user friendly cities to shop in.

It is Green!

Tokyo, and other Asian cities, are not very green. By that I mean, that many of the cities do not have parks but London is just full of parks and green areas. When I lived in London, I just to love to visit the many parks with my boyfriend at the time.

All parks in London have their own unique layout and flavor, and there always seems to be something going on. In Hyde Park you can even go horse riding, and many of the parks have their own Underground stops which is really handy.

So, how do you recruit Asian escorts? It is quite simple really. Point out the many benefits of living in London. Mention the great sense of freedom you get in this wonderful place. Talk about the shopping but above all talk about the many parks and green areas. Japanese people love green spaces, and is one of the most important things that the West Kensington escorts agencies should mention in their recruitment campaigns.